The HomeLand of The Great
According to Rev. Fr.  JJC Akunne, Odunke is one of the greatest feasts in Oraukwu in the olden days. Its special purpose is only to show one's wealth. It is an indication of how wealthy a particular age grade or association is. It can be done either by male or female fold. Odunke usually lasts for four days. When a particular age grade or association wants to celebrate Odunke (Igba Odunke), they will come to the major market day; each person will hold a full limb (otu oru anu) of either a goat or any of such animals. They will dance round the market and inform the people that they will eat Odunke festival on such and such a day. By this time, all the people to be invited must have been informed, such as the in-laws, friends and well-wishers. Ifit will be hosted by the female fold, it will be called Odunke Mvomvo, and will be held at Mvomvo. Mvomvo is a female god. After the market dancing on the first day, the celebrants will move from the market to the appropriate shrine square where they will announce to the general public their actual feasting day. On the D-day, the celebrants will kill many goats. Those who have the capacity for cows can kill cows. This celebration is not done in honour of any god or idol but only to show how wealthy a particular age grade or association is. That it is called either Odunke Idemobi or Mvomvo is because they are the squares that can contain people. Those women do theirs at Mvomvo and men at Idemobi should not be removed far from the fact that Mvomvo is the wife- god ofIdemobi who in turn is the husband- god ofMvomvo. Those invited to the celebration must go home with food, meat, and drinks after feeding sumptuously at the host's house. Four days after the feast will be an Odunke market day. That is the day when all those who hosted the great Odunke will come and dance to their satisfaction with their wives or husbands as the case may be; in-laws and well-wishers. It is called IZU- AHIA ODUNKE (to go to Odunke's market). It is a period to show that one has got the money. The cost of hosting Odunke is so large that it is done once every three years. It is important to state that this cultural festival is long dead in Oraukwu. It behoves on the traditional rulers to revive it with some modifications. It has nothing to do with any heathen practice as some misguided and fanatical Christian movement are wont to think.