The HomeLand of The Great
It started in Summer, weekend of 4th July 1999. It was an Exceptional Year…………..i) Nigeria terminates military rule, and the Nigerian Fourth Republic is established with Olusegun Obasanjo as president. ii) Euro is established. iii) Apple Computer releases the Power Macintosh G4. 4) The human population of the world surpassed six billion.  The sons and daughters of Oraukwu bonded by blood, culture, language, and marriage have risen from all angles of America to form an organization at city of Houston Texas. This organization is called Oraukwu Development Union in the Americas Incorporation (ODUA). This organization is formed as a united front with genuine respect, truth, trust, and harmony in Godly manner. This organization is formed with earnest desire of association and assured priceless security of its members.
ODUA Goal and Objectives:
ODUA Key Projects are:
v Like any other cultural organization the founders agree that goal of ODUA is to protect, project,        promote, and foster the interest and aspirations of its members in America. To be a contributing voice and recognizable' forte in the communal affairs in Oraukwu Nigeria. To engage in philanthropic causes, community development projects, and promote peace,         health, education and security in Oraukwu. To promote Oraukwu culture, family value and inter- family association. ODUA leaderships Dr. John Nduaguba (Anyanwu of Oraukwu) was elected to be the first President of the        Organization while Prof. Chris Ikediobi was the Vice President. Prof. Chris Ikediobi was elected in 2002 in succession to Anyanwu while Dr. John Ugonabo was        the Vice President. Dr. John Ugonabo become the 3rd President with unanimous vote in Houston 2010 while        Dr.(Mrs.) Mary Nduaguba voted as the Vice President.
v v v v v v
ü Established and maintained Oraukwu Public Library Provided the key support (money) to Oraukwu security Instrumental in rehabilitating Oraukwu Hospital Took initiatives in providing yearly health fairs and wellness to Oraukwu Community
Dr. John Nduaguba (1st President)
Prof. Chris Ikediobi (2nd President)
Dr. John Ugonabo (3rd President)